With its April/ May 2015 issue, Penthouse Forum celebrates 45 years as America’s premiere erotica magazine for couples.
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Open: Sexy Developments

It was a cold, blustery evening, and my boyfriend Jason and I had decided that instead of braving the elements to go out for our date night we’d stay indoors and enjoy a hot, sexy bath while drinking a bottle of wine. I filled the bathroom with candles, making the... read more

Open: My First Threesome

I was standing in the lobby of a Chicago office building one rainy afternoon when I met Lynn. She, like myself, was waiting for the rain to let up. We engaged in some small talk and after a few minutes she asked me if I’d like to share a drink with her at her condo... read more

Dirty Details: Take Control_

Date night can be a lot of pressure for a guy who’s super busy. The first thing I’d do is let him know you’re going to take over planning date night because he’s got so much else on his mind. The last thing he needs to worry about right now is finding a restaurant or... read more

Open Forum: Small Town, Big Time

It’s been three years now that Nan and I have gotten away with our meetings. We had some very close calls, but I guess that makes it more exciting. I met Nan through her friend that I had been fucking. What a difference between the two! We’ve done things in places... read more

Open Forum: On The Hunt

When my husband Rob’s hunting buddy broke a leg and couldn’t go on a trip they had planned, I went along instead. I wasn’t interested in hunting with him, but I figured it would be nice to be outside and spend some time with my husband. We were staying at my husband’s... read more

Fiction: Pam’s Moods

He lay back on the psychologist’s couch, thinking back over moments of sadness and guilt. Memories of so many months with Pam. Just a few nights ago, he was pleading, “Please, please stop it . . . ” “Mr. Hardy?” The doctor’s voice was gentle but firm. In a twisted... read more

Fiction: Saturday Night’s Alright for Strap – ons

A private sports exhibition with gambling and naked women fighting—that’s what brought the high-rollers down from Canada and had suburban New Yorkers driving up the New York State Thruway to Saugerties, then along Finger Street to the big converted barn down a side... read more