With its April/ May 2015 issue, Penthouse Forum celebrates 45 years as America’s premiere erotica magazine for couples.
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Open: A Race To The Finish

A few months ago, my wife Janet rode about town on the back of my motorcycle giving the other male motorists a mini sex show. She had worn a sheer blouse over a demi-bra that exposed her nipples, and a pair of crotchless pantyhose under a short, tight skirt that... read more

Open: Just Call Her a Nymph

My old boyfriend used to call me a nymphomaniac. I always laughed it off, telling him that he just couldn’t deliver, but sometimes I think maybe he was right. I was recently in the process of redecorating my apartment. New floors, fresh paint, the works. It was a... read more

Dirty Details: Prince Albert

I’m considering getting my cock pierced. Will I still be able to use condoms? Will I have to take any other precautions during sex? J.W., Pennsylvania I think this is a terrible idea. I got my nipples pierced because I was told it would be “fun” to have more sensitive... read more

Fiction: Turn Me On

1947 The obscure Dumont TV network sitcom Mary Kay and Johnny starring Mary Kay and John Stearns shows the couple sharing a bed. Censors quickly establish the “twin-bed rule,” which lasts for almost the next 20 years. Only The Flintstones cartoon was immune until... read more

Fiction: Fucking in the Kitchen of Love

She had that naughty look in her eye, sauntering into the bedroom in that way she had. Her white thigh-high stockings hugging her legs, making his eyes travel further to the lace edges of her white panties, and the blurry triangle of her dark pussy hair. Time for bed... read more

Dirty Details: Hidden Jewels

I was really surprised recently when I went home with this guy I’ve been dating and found out that he has a drawer full of sex toys. I’ve never encountered a guy who had stuff like that. Is this normal? A.H., New Jersey As a society we’re getting way freakier in the... read more

HOT-Tub Hijinks

When I found myself stuck in Seattle over the weekend after my flight home was cancelled, I decided to surprise my older sister Nina with a visit. She and her husband Charlie live just outside the city, and I hadn’t planned to see them since I was only supposed in... read more


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